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SUPER BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLPSE Last night, we saw a blood moon lunar eclipse. Being the space geek I am, I was sitting by the window watching "Star Wars", when I saw a shadowy red figure rising above the clouds. I was immediately intrigued by the image, and decided to share some information on the topic. 
The lunar eclipse is when the moon appears dark as it passes through the Earth's shadow. The red aspect occurred when the Earth's atmosphere's light fell onto the moon. The redness is reflected back to Earth, and is a lot dimmer than the white light usually shined onto the moon's surface. 
Her some awesome pictures captured around the world during the rare event!

Today in class I learned how to export an image onto using the Macs. Mr. Aringo wasn't here today, and we had a sub who didn't know much about computers. So, since we couldn't find out what to do, we tinkered a bit with the possibilities. I tried to figure out mentally what would happen each time I changed the command, and I experimented with it, too. Then, I finally got control of it. What we did was export the slide show as a quick time movie, save to documents, copy down from documents, and send the submission to Mr. Aringo. I'm rather proud of myself for figuring this out, but next time, I'm going to try to remember what the teacher said in the beginning, so that we won't have to experience this process again.
Today in STEAM class I learned a better method of sharing the computer. I realized that I was hogging the computer, and not letting my partner use it as often. We asked Mr. Aringo for advice and he told us to split up the time, 15 minutes each, and also split up the extra time (if there was any). This helped us a lot. We worked more efficiently, and got more work done together. I will definitely use this method next time, and maybe give more time to work, since we could have done more in this time slot. 

Blog 5: In STEAM today I learned how to manage my time better. I made an organized plot sheet to plan out my activities. It went like this: Finish slide 5, enter voice translation, save slide, start slide 6 as much as possible and then switch users. I finished my plan by the end of class and was back on track on our task. I did make one error though- I worked so long on slide 5, that I didn't have enough time for slide 6. Next time, I'm going to make sure to plan out the exact times so that I don't fall behind. 
Blog 3
Today in STEAM class I learned how to import an image from Google onto KidPix. I was curious about it, and asked Mr. Aringo. He said he had not showed the class how to yet, but was happy to show me now. I'm pretty glad I learned how, because now my slideshow will look a lot cooler!

Copy and paste
                                                                         Blog 2 Today in STEAM class we learned how to use KidPix. Mr. Aringo showed us on the Smart Board, and then sent us to do it ourselves. I thought it was really fun. Although, next time I use it, I'm going to make sure to save my work, so that it doesn't get lost. :)