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Build Your Own Scribble Bot

In order to build a scribble bot, you need the following materials:

* A cup
* Markers
* Paper                      
*A battery
* A motter
* Wires
1) Build the battery circuit by connecting the wires to each end of the battery and the other side         attached to the motor. It should make a vibrating motion and a mumbling sound in your hand.
2) Tape the cups (or boxes) together and also tape the circuit into the cup. Make sure that the motor is sticking out of the cup.
3) Use a drill to connect the wheel onto the motor, and be certain that it's able to roll around on the table.
4) Tape the markers onto the cup (box) and make sure they are not touching the wheel or motor. It could cause the drawings to be bumpy and rigid.
5) Uncap the markers and let your robot roll around!!!
I  really suggest trying our scribble bots They are a fun and easy activity, and I've learned a lot from them so far (although we're not quite finished yet). I can't wait to see how this project u…

Scribble Bots

Today in STEAM we worked on scribble bots. They're little robots made of cups and batter circuits, and you attach a few markers to them so that when they're running, they make cool patterns on the table!! We just started our project today, and I'll share more details once I've learned more about what the project is like.

What a finished scribble bot looks like.

Electricity Introduction

Today in STEAM we learned about electricity and circuits using a Java-based download. We were given a worksheet full of instructions and ideas for our exploration. For example, the packet would show a circuit design, and we would copy it onto our computer. Then we were asked questions, like-- why did/didn't this design work? Or,-- What happens if you add another battery, or reverse the energy source?-- and so on. I thought this was a good way of learning about electricity, and I look forward to working with more circuits-based-projects in the near future!!