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Kodu Engine Game Design

Yeah, video games are cool: Buying them, playing them, talking about them... But you know what's even cooler? Making a video game. Designing, building, advertising, and everything else.  In STEAM class we recently designed and produced our own video games using a game engine called Kodu Game Lab. With Kodu, we could easily work on our games using a simple and reliable method.

Let me tell you a little about Kodu Game Lab. Kodu is an application for windows PC's that you can use to create and edit your very own video game. The engine uses a block-like learning structure, making it easy for users to drag and place commands, instead of typing them.  There are also some customization features, such as land forms and colour preferences. Kodu Game Lab also comes equip with premaid characters for users to program. This kind of product is aimed at children or students, but if you have never coded before, it's a great way to learn the basics.

To design our game, my partner and I ske…